Why Cotons

As mentioned on our home page, I have always dreamed of becoming a breeder of show dogs. This dream began when I was around 11 years old. My first and lasting desire was to breed Old English Sheepdogs. The reality of living in the desert clearly caused me to search for another breed. Before my father passed away, he purchased two Coton girls. He was living with us at the time and this allowed me to really get to know the breed. I quickly fell in love and did more serious research on proper breeding and showing. The qualities of the Coton that make these dogs so endearing are not often found.

 The first trait is their size. A female Coton should be no heavier than 12 pounds and the male should not exceed 13 pounds. This quickly translated into easy to bathe and groom.

 Secondly, they have a coat that is beautiful but also relatively easy to maintain. Cotons do not shed and do not have dander. My children and I have asthma. We have no problems with these dogs and our asthma/allergies. The Coton de Tulear coat does require daily checks for knots and a full combing every other day. These dogs love the grooming time and the attention they receive. This makes it a pleasant experience for both the dog and their human. The time commitment is not extensive and I can therefore groom all four of my Cotons in about 2 hours.

Finally, these little dogs have the most wonderful personalities and temperaments that absolutely fixed them as my final choice for breeding and showing. There simply are not enough convincing statements regarding their charm. All fall short of the delight of owning and experiencing that charm on a daily basis. They quickly become family members and give pleasure to the household. They are eager to please and intelligent. I find them to be easy to train. Cotons are aptly called "little clown dogs". They bring much joy and laughter into my home with their silly antics and happy personalities. These little pups are never hyper. They match the mood of their owners and this only increases the love for them. As companions, I know of no other dog that is so pleasing. Cotons make wonderful travelers in planes, cars and motor homes. Any new adventure is appreciated by them. They do require socialization as puppies so that they welcome new situations, but I find this true to all breeds.

In short, if you are looking for a small dog to be a perfect companion and you are willing to invest time in socializing and grooming them, then this dog is for you.

Cotons are true happiness makers.

Email: lolcotons@cox.net

Phone: 520-731-8004