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We only breed if our Cotons have the proper temperament and have passed 5 health tests.  Every litter is given tremendous love and attention.  Each puppy is allowed one on one time with us as well as playing together.  The adult Cotons are extremely gentle with the puppies.  The adults  are interacting with the puppies at the age of four weeks.  Our puppies not only have their mom and dad with them but Coton "aunts" and "uncles" as well.  The puppies are introduced to grooming by trimming the nails and daily combing at four weeks of age.  We have children play with the puppies  and also take them with us when we are running errands.  The puppies are taken with us on our walks while they ride in the dog stroller.  We are always trying to find new noises, places and faces for them to experience.  Housetraining begins at five weeks of age by using "key" phrases.  They are not experts at housetraining by the time they leave us, but they are on their way.  Our puppies are given the best of care for their emotional health as well as their physical health.

It is our goal to provide extremely balanced puppies that will be the best of companions. 




Lydia's and Schubert's first litter.  Born December 4th, 2009. All of these puppies have been adopted. 

These puppies found homes in Miami, FL, Colorado, Washington, and Arizona.



Archie (previously named Izzy) is a puppy from Phoebe and Cody.

Below are some wonderful pictures of Archie - the day before he went to his new home in December!!!

Note the color change in Archie's coat from October to December (single photo above and group photos below).



Above is Archie - December 2009

Below is Archie - February 2010 - What a difference in coat color!!  This is typical color change for Cotons with color in the coat.

He's still adorable!






Below - These are Lydia's and Goliath's Puppies at six weeks of age. They have all gone to wonderful homes.

The order of the puppies is left to right in the first row: Maximus and Te Amo

Second Row: Jacqomo and Tula

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Another litter - The happy mama, Celestine, with her three little girls at two days old.



Lots of Love ChaCha at 11 weeks of age. We have kept her for the show ring. She is from Goliath's and Celestine's second litter.

ChaCha is very laid back and also very funny.


Above: Our Little girls at Two Weeks of Age.

The older siblings to the three little girls above.

Schubert (male, on the left) and Phoebe (female, on the right) are two of the puppies that we kept from Goliath's and Celestine's first litter. They are gorgeous Cotons.

USACTC Code of Ethics Breed

USACTC Western Region Board Representative

USACTC Education Chair


Introducing Lots of Love Phoebe Talisa

Phoebe was born on November 23, 2007.  She will be entering the show ring soon. She is very quiet but full of confidence.

In this photo she is 7 weeks old.


Lots of Love Phoebe Talisa and her "Auntie" Talisa.

Phoebe is eight weeks old in the above photo.


Introducing Lots of Love Schubert

Schubert was born November 23, 2007. He is extremely sweet and very bright. We will have him in the show ring very soon. In this photo he is seven weeks old.



Introducing Lots of Love Chandler

Chandler was also born on November 23, 2007. He is the funniest little boy that is always willing to explore new territory. Chandler has a permanent home with a family in Tucson and it will be wonderful to continue to see him grow. He has a special place in my heart because he is so lovable. In this photo he is 7 weeks old.



SORRY - All Puppies Sold From This Litter

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Goliath and Celestine are excellent examples of the FCI Standard for the Coton de Tulear breed.

Goliath weighs 12.4 pounds and is 10.0 inches at the withers.

Celestine weighs 10.0 pounds and is 9.0 inches at the withers.

Goliath and Celestine have passed all health testing. [Eye CERF, Thyroid, Hip, Patella, Cardiac, Elbows]


    Goliath, the proud Papa



Celestine, the sweet Mama



                                      Boy 2                                                            Boy 1                                                           Girl

The puppies react to their first taste of rice cereal and egg yolk. They look as if they are thinking, "Can life get any sweeter?"