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We started with two males, Goliath and Schubert (a son of Goliath). 

We have since added two new males to our troupe - Mojo and Dash!  Expect an updated page in coming weeks with their photos!



This gives new meaning to the phrase, "Man's Best Friend"...Michael and Goliath "working" through the week-end!!!



Lots of Love Schubert

Schubert is the son of Goliath and Celestine. He is extremely easy going. Schubert is a Coton that never stops smiling and is always happy. He gives the impression that his constant thought is, "Life is great!" Schubert and Phoebe make great play partners. We always make sure that these two have their own playtime as well as playing with the whole group. When Phoebe and Schubert get together, the party has just begun! Schubert, or Schuby Doo as we call him, absolutely melts into us when it is his turn for a tummy rub. He is a big cuddler.


Schubert as an adult.

As you can see, Schuby Doo always wears the same expression.




Life is Good for Schuby Doo!



Goliath takes BEST in SHOW at San Diego 2007 Show!


Goliath qualifying for the Best in Show Ring. Goliath, Judge and Shannon after winning BEST IN SHOW

Bar-Ken's Goliath at Lots of Love

Goliath can best be described as a mama's boy.  He is the sweetest thing.  He is very expressive with his eyes.  One of his endearing qualities is his ever present request for a tummy rub.  Goliath loves to be chased.  He initiates the game with a quick bump to the nearest Coton and then the game is on.  I must say he is quite quick at turning "on a dime".  He has fantastic show ring appearance because of his knowledge that he IS something special!  He won Best Puppy In Show at the tender age of 16 weeks.  It was also his first introduction to pouring rain and thunder.  Goliath held up better than we did in the rain!!  You have never really fully experienced a dog show until you show in the pouring rain.  Goliath has fantastic structure and a gorgeous coat.  He has sired some beautiful puppies over the years.




Our Sweet Boy, Goliath .



Goliath in the Best of Breed Ring taking "Winners Dog".


                                                                                      16 week old Goliath resting between shows.                                Shannon and Goliath waiting for

                                                                                                                                                                                                           a break in the rain.


  Goliath at home with all of his ribbons from the San Diego Show.




Goliath at 11 months of age showing his winning personality.


Goliath 'singing' his own praises !!!






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