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Shannon Birch - USACTC Code of Ethics Breeder     USACTC Western Regional Representative 2008-2010     USACTC Education Chairperson 2006-2011

Michael Birch - USACTC Vice President 2010-2012


We have a new litter available, born on January 11th, 2013!

Phoebe and Dash are parents of TWO puppies!!!   

Two boys! 

[For now, we are calling them 'Bruce' and 'Valentino'!]

Pictures are below:





Some of our past litters!

In the picture below, we have:

(l-r) Chauncey, GiGi, Sam, Pearl, and Annie

Lydia and Schubert's puppies 5 weeks old in Michael's arms!

The five puppies are eating from a bowl


The backside of five puppies eating from the bowl!!




The best 'Before and After' photograph ever!!  (His first bath!)

Puppy - Sam - Getting dried after his bath!   Puppy - Sam - Dry and cute!


Well... maybe this is the best 'Before and After' photograph ever!!  (Her first bath!)

Annie is taking a bath! 












Daisy, Ollie, and Rose have been adopted!!


ChaCha and George are the parents of a litter born on August 3, 2011.  ChaCha delivered one boy and two girls.  ChaCha is most aptly named as "Lots of Love Life of the Party ChaChaCha"!  She is an extremely happy Coton that loves being the center of attention!  Gorgeous George is the perfect match, as the sire, for ChaCha's puppies.  He is a clown. What a joy maker.  It always seems like he is trying to make you laugh!  At this age, the puppies appear to be calm, playful, and adventurous.


Daisy, Ollie, and Rose


On this particular day, the weather was beautiful and all my dogs were out running about and playing.

The Puppies just had a blast!!  They ran and ran and ran...  It was so funny to watch them.



Earlier pictures of this litter...

From Left-to-Right:  Girl 2, Boy, Girl 1



Girl 1                                                                                Girl 2 and the Boy                   


From Left-to-Right: Girl 2, Girl 1, and the Boy



Albert - From a litter earlier this year

 Here are some fun pictures of Albert.  He is now living the life of happiness with his new family in New York City!!


Albert taking a leap of faith and then showing his happiness in his successful picture perfect landing




                         All three puppies trying to get to the camera at the same time.                   Albert strikes a pose for the camera.



Click on the movie title below to see our two litters from 2010:

Celestine's and Phoebe's Puppies Share a Meal

Patience Can Be An Exhausting Virtue


Please contact us in order to reserve your future Coton puppy.


Welcome to Lots of Love Cotons in Tucson, Arizona

I have always been an enthusiast of dogs.  When I was eleven years old, I decided one day that I would breed dogs.  Now that our children have entered college, I am free to pursue my life-long dream!  My father introduced me to this breed.  After researching breed characteristics, I knew the Coton de Tulear was my perfect choice.

My husband and I are committed to being responsible breeders whose intentions are to always aim for improving and preserving this breed.  These wonderful dogs are true members of our family.  They are always given lots of love and the joy they bring to each day is a blessing.  Cotons de Tulear are wonderful companions.  If you are lucky enough to be owned by a Coton, each day you will laugh out loud because of their antics!

We enjoy traveling to dog shows throughout the country.  I handle my own dogs at these shows.  We have been pleased to be in the winners ring.  Showing dogs is a great deal of fun for us!

I joined the United States American Coton de Tulear Club (USACTC) because it is a democratic association that promotes the well-being and preservation of the breed.  If you are interested in Cotons, I highly recommend visiting the USACTC web site and reviewing the information presented on breed standards and ethics (www.usactc.org).  I am the chairperson for the USACTC Education Outreach Committee. I have served on the 2008-2010 USACTC Board as the Western Region Representative. My husband is the Vice President for the 2010-2012 USACTC Board. We really enjoy staying involved with the breed club. We are devoted to this breed and consider ourselves advocates for their continued health and wonderful temperament.

If you have any questions regarding the Coton de Tulear, please feel free to contact me. I absolutely love this breed and love sharing knowledge and information about Cotons with others.


The Gang Is All Here!!!!

Sugar, Goliath, Celestine, and Lanno


Shannon with Roxanne from Goliath's and Celestine's litter.



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