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Please scroll through and view all three girls.  These are our original girls of the kennel.

We now have ChaCha as an addition to this group.  She is a daughter of Goliath and Celestine.  Expect an updated page in coming weeks with her photos!


Lots of Love Phoebe Talisa


Phoebe is the daughter of Celestine and Goliath. She is extremely lovable. Phoebe never tires of crawling into anyone's lap and soaking up the attention. She loves to roll onto her back and then she just stares into the eyes of her human of the moment until she falls asleep. She has inherited her father's ability to zoom around at unbelievable speeds. Phoebe is a Coton that knows how to have fun. She will take her favorite toy, a small squeaker bass fish, and lie on her back while holding the fish in her paws. She loves carrying it around from room to room. She can spend a good hour with that toy.

The series below is Phoebe realizing I have the camera. She is certainly not camera shy. She is 7 months old in these photos.



Phoebe relaxing



Bar-Ken's Celestine at Lots of Love

Celestine was born on January 13, 2006. She is the epitome of cute! Her structure and coat is phenomenal. She has personality that makes this petite little girl a real charmer. Her favorite game is to sneak up on the other dogs. Her 'crouch and sneak' technique is similar to a cat. She is also very trusting. She is so trusting that she will s-l-o-w-l-y roll over and plop on her back without any regard for where she will be landing. She just keeps rolling over in slow motion until her tummy is in prime position for being rubbed. Celestine and Goliath are definitely play partners. They love to play keep away with their toys.  Celestine loves to snuggle up against anyone's neck. She knows how to find her way into a heart. She should produce some fantastic pups.


                                                   Celestine displaying her 'Crouch and Sneak' technique and its effectiveness on the "big" dogs.

Celestine at 9 months


As the days go by, Celestine becomes more beautiful.          

Celestine in the show ring at 10 months of age.


Celestine - what a cutie!


Bar-Ken's Lydia at Lots of Love

Lydia was born on April 12, 2007.  When Lydia arrived, Celestine 'claimed' her as her own.  I believe this allowed Lydia to quickly adjust to her new home.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family of Cotons.  The best way to describe Lydia is 'She's always ready for a party!'  Lydia is very playful, loves going to new places, and enjoys children.  When she's not playing with everyone else, we can find her walking through the house squeaking her favorite toy.  She loves pulling her baby blanket into her dog house.  Her favorite hobby is to 'assist' with laundry by removing at least one sock and placing it in her dog house!!  Checking the dog house for laundry is a regular routine since Lydia arrived!!!



Lydia at 8 months. She is extremely sweet and knows how to enjoy every minute of every day.




Lydia at 6 months of age.

Such a cutie!!  Her adoring eyes are hard to resist.