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Lydia and Schubert had their puppies on August 20, 2010.

Early Friday morning, Lydia had 4 puppies.  She had 2 males and 2 females.

See the 'Males' and 'Females' web pages for the parent's pictures.

Lydia and Schubert produce extremely calm and beautiful puppies. 

All of these puppies have been adopted.


This is Girl 1. She is just like her mom...she is happy all the time. Her tail seems to wag constantly

She is so loving and responsive to people. She is also doing extremely well on her housetraining!

This little girl will be staying in Tucson. She will be a neighbor to her brother, Dani, from an earlier litter.



This is Boy 1. He has been adopted and will be staying in Tucson. His new name is Comet. This boy is full of personality.



This is Girl 2. She has been adopted and will be going to New Jersey. She is so adorable! This little girl is one bundle of love!



This is Boy 2. He has been adopted and will be going to New Jersey.

This little boy is also very loving. He washes his siblings' faces everyday. After all puppies have been tended to, he snuggles down with the group for a nap.



Lydia shares the good news about her puppies with the other Cotons!




This litter is from Celestine and Goliath.  See the 'Males' and 'Females' web pages for the parent's pictures.

We had 2 girls and 1 boy born March 9, 2010.

All three of the puppies have found homes. These puppies will be living in Virginia and California with wonderful families.


Girl 1                                                                         Girl 2  




Close-up of Girl 2

What a Beauty!   Note the black pigment just starting to show on the nose.

A few more weeks and the entire nose will be black.





'The Hidden Puppy!'    



Once again, Celestine and Goliath have produced a wonderful litter. 

We are having a blast taking care of them.  They are exceptionally sweet.



These are pictures of Lydia and Schubert's first litter, born December 4, 2009.


This is Jolie.



This is Maddie.



This is Elsie.



and this is Dani.



Being held in Michael's arms, the puppies are 10 weeks old and ready to go to their permanent homes.

These puppies went to Florida, Colorado, Arizona, and Washington.

Schubert was a first time father and the puppies were wonderful.

We look forward to puppies from Lydia and Schubert in the future.





Three extremely calm puppies were born on August 18, 2009.

One boy and two girls. 

These puppies are from Lots of Love Phoebe Talisa (dam) and Bar-Ken's Buffalo Bill Cody (sire).

The pictures below are when they were 7 weeks old.

They are adorable 



Izzy is now ARCHIE! He has been adopted and these photos were taken and labeled before his adoption.


These are the 2 girls at 7 weeks old...



These are the 2 girls at birth...


This is the boy...





The Parents of the puppies shown above...

Lots of Love Phoebe Talisa (dam)


Bar-Ken's Buffalo Bill Cody (sire)